Welcome to my personal research page. I am an ecologist and a modeller, and currently a postdoctorate research fellow at the University of Vienna in the Bioinvasions group and the CVL division, where I am working on the AlienScenarios project. This exciting project will, for the first time, evaluate the range of plausible futures of biological invasions for the 21st century at different spatial scales and for a range of taxonomic groups. It will combine the strategic forward-looking methodology of scenario planning with advanced modelling approaches to construct plausible global mid-term (2050) and long-term (2100) futures of biological invasions and their impacts.

I was previously affiliated with the Stellenbosch Biomathematics Group and the Centre of Excellence for Invasion Biology at Stellenbosch University, and with the McGeoch Research Group at Monash University. Here you can find information on my research interests, my projects and publications.